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"Terrazzo" Vase

"Terrazzo" Vase

  • Process

    My decorated handmade pottery is equally at home on the wall or on the table. Featuring highly-detailed illustrations and comics of my own design, a single plate functions as a narrative prompt that one can ponder while also using it to eat their mid-day meal. Original drawings are transferred to handbuilt pottery using a unique ceramic-screenprint process which embeds the imagery in the clay, fully sealed beneath food-safe glaze.


    Brooklyn Red Stoneware, slip, ceramic screenprint ink, cone 6 oxidation-fired  

  • Terrazzo

    Terrazzo pots are made by recycling old screenprinted drawings and shattering them into small colored pieces, which are then inlaid into clay slabs. The scattering is largely random and your piece may not look exactly like the pot pictured above.


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